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Now, Judson Scottsdale Graduates and Past Students, If you need TRANSCRIPTS, Barbara Hansen can provide them.    Please, Send her an email.
Barbara needs:
  • Your Name (as it was when you graduated),
  • Your Date of Birth,
  • Last Year You Attended, e.g. 1950, 1960, ... not Senior
  • Your Address of record when you Graduated, and
  • Your CURRENT Mailing Address.
Barbara's e-mail is:
ebarbhansen (AT) cox DOT net
Leave out the spaces and Insert the <@> key in place of " (AT) "
and <period> key in place of " DOT ".   
Shown this way on the web to keep down the junk mail.   

She will provide you an address where you can send her $15 for each Official Copy.   

The Wick's have closed the Judson office phone number and arranged with Ms. Hansen to provide this service.   

--    Let me know (email) If you have any problems.
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