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Ev (Resume) lives with wife, Stella, neé: Arauz (Araúz), of David, Chiriqui, (very old pictures)    Republica de Panama and sons, Alejandro and Nicolas       TV LISTINGS Ca LottoPlus  VC Movies
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Thanks to those who voted for my Candidacy in 1996 for Governing Board, Oxnard School District, Fortunately, I lost. Much spare time in past years was spent (1) helping to develop technology / communication and work experience, and, (2) overcoming the shortage of well integrated technology into the eduation of school children. We internetted the 15,000 student, 15 campus / site, Oxnard School District using Cisco 4700 and 2500 series routers, Frame-Relay and Dial on Demand routing to originally 15 sites. This was provided fulltime over Cal State University network with other dial up routes; later services from the County of Ventura Superintendent of Schools.

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